Qurʾān Memorization Program

The Qurʾān is Allāh’s final message to humanity and a manual for every Muslim. It is a living miracle of the Creator that has transformed nations throughout time. It is a scripture that Allah has vowed to protect from any form of adulteration and has been maintained in its original form for over 1400 years. Allāh has declared, “Indeed, We are the one who sent the Qurʾān down and indeed, We will protect it.” (Sūrat al-Ḥijr 15:09)

Among the many methods Allāh has adopted to protect His word is to seal it in the hearts of select believers. He has made the task of committing the scripture to memory a relatively easy one, as He states, “And We have certainly made the Qurʾān easy for memorizing, so is there any who will memorize?” (Sūrat al-Qamar 54:17). He has given those who come forward to achieve this feat a royal status. The Messenger (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever recites the Qurʾān , learns it and practices it, he will be made to wear a crown of light on the Day of Judgement whose radiance will resemble the radiance of the sun. His parents will be made to wear a pair of clothes which the world cannot produce. They will ask, “Why are we being made to wear this?” They will be told, “Because of your child adopting the Qurʾān .” (al-Mustadrak ʿAlá al-Ṣaḥīḥayn 2086)

By the grace of Allāh, the opportunity to accomplish this goal is now available at Jame Makki Masjid. A full time Hifdh al-Qurʾān  course is now being offered for boys. The course has been designed in a unique fashion where smaller milestones have been made to simplify the process of memorizing the Qurʾān . There are 5 levels to this course which are as follows:


Level 1: 1 month course on Qur’änic tajweed

Level 2: Memorization of Juz 30

Level 3: Memorization of Juz 29, Sūrat Yūsuf, Sūrat al-Kahf, Sūrat al-Sajdah, Sūrat Yāsīn, Sūrat al-Raḥmān, Sūrat al-Wāqiʿah

Level 4: Memorization of Juz 11 to 28

Level 5: Memorization of Juz 1 to 10


The timings of thses classes are:

  • Monday to Thursday 9 am to 4 pm

  • Friday 9 am to 12:30 pm

For more information on this program please contact Ml. Soyeb Lakhi at 647-712-3091