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Islamic Essentials Program


The Islamic Essentials Program syllabus includes learning to recite the Quran with Tajweed, memorization of Suras and Duas as well as a comprehensive Islamic Studies. We currently use a curriculum designed by scholars in South Africa called the Tas’heel series.

The Tas’heel series books include several topics such as Islamic law, beliefs, behaviour and history. We have integrated these books into our curriculum. Our Essentials Program is a five-year program upon completion of the Arabic alphabet.

Registration is currently open.
Anyone interested in enrolling his or her children may meet with Br. Javed Mian on weeknights between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm.
Registration will require providing a void cheque for monthly electronic fee transfers, a valid health card for each child, and purchasing textbooks.


The monthly fee for the Islamic Essentials Program is transferred on the 25th of each month. The current monthly fee is as follows: $40 per child


We currently have 12 teachers and approximately 250 students. Most of our staff consists of Male and Female teachers that have graduated with degrees in Islamic Studies from recognized Islamic institutions in Europe and the Indian Subcontinent. All the male teachers have memorized the Quran as well.

Contact Information

Imam Belal is currently the coordinator for the Islamic Essentials Program. He can be reached at 416 822 3564 or on the Masjid number during class timings 905 458 8778.
Objective & Vision

Through the Islamic Essentials Program we aim to prepare the next generation to live islamically in an informed fashion and to provide them with Islamic answers and solutions for every challenge and complex situations they may face. We envision our program to serve as a benchmark in Islamic learning throughout Canada.

The Environment and setting

The Masjid is a focal point for Muslims. Over their years of attending the Islamic Essentials Program, we hope that students will become attached to the Masjid and to performing their prayers in congregation. We hope that their relationship with the House of Allah becomes a life-long relationship inshallah.


Students will learn under the guidance of Islamic Scholars who have dedicated many years of their life in pursuing Islamic knowledge. We hope that the students build an attachment with their teachers and continue to connect themselves with scholars and people of knowledge throughout their lives.

Community Service

40 hours

Boys can volunteer in our community outreach programs. The community outreach programs consists of organized visitations in the community followed by programs/activities in the masjid. It also consists of a weekend retreat in which a group from our masjid visits another masjid for the weekend and engages in various activities throughout the day.

Girls – can complete their 40 hours by assisting with the girls’ classes in our evening class and Day School program. Mon-Fri 5:30-7:30


Hospital visitations

The Islamic Society of Peel is currently working very closely with the William Osler Health Centres. Select members of our community make frequent visits to the Brampton Civic Hospital to pray for the Muslim patients and to tend to their needs within their parameters.

Marriage / Nikäh

Step 1:
Please follow the instructions provided in the following link:

Step 2:
Upon obtaining a marriage licence please contact an Imam to book an appointment to perform the nikäh.

Click here for Imam’s Contact information

Family Counselling

For domestic issues requiring Islamic advice or a mediator, contact office.

Funeral Services / Janäza

Losing a family member is an extremely stressful experience. Many people are normally bewildered on such occasions and are left oblivious over what to do next. The Islamic Society of Peel endeavors to provide ease and comfort to the grieving families by taking care of their funeral related needs with the utmost professionalism.

When a family requires funeral services they may contact the following personal:

Jan 2017:  

Br. Aslam Nakhuda: 416-505-8067
Br. Soyeb Lakhi : 647-712-3091
Br. Ayub Home: 647-544-8608


Once the body of the deceased is ready for release from the facility where it is being held, the funeral coordinator will do the following:
• Pick the body up and take it to the Masjid
• Make arrangements for bathing and shrouding the body (ghusl and takfeen)
• Make arrangements for the burial
• Conduct the funeral prayer
• Transport the deceased to the cemetery
• Conduct the burial


• Timings for funeral related services are 9 am to 3 pm daily
• Burial arrangements cannot be made on Sundays
• The Society can only pick up deceased individuals located in the GTA. Any pick up that is required outside the GTA will have to be arranged by the family of the deceased
• Burial arrangements will only be made at Brampton Memorial Gardens by the Society
• Burial arrangement will be accommodated by the Society in the following cemeteries provided the family requesting the service make all the necessary arrangements:

1. Meadowvale Cemetery
2. Glen Oaks Cemetery
3. Glenview Memorial Gardens
4. Glendale Memorial Gardens
5. Beechwood Cemetery

• In the unlikely case where the staff of the Society is mistreated, harassed and disrespected the Society will decline all services
• Only one funeral arrangement can be made per day on the first come first serve basis
• Additional charges will apply if a service is requested to be conducted at another Masjid or Islamic Centre

Fees Structure

Adult Funeral
• Masjid service charge $1000
• Grave $2418.20 + HST
• Cemetery Service Charge $1000 + HST

Total Cost: $ 4,418.20 + HST


Child Funeral
• Masjid service charge $ 500
• Grave $ 650
• Cemetery Service Charge $ 500 + HST

Total Cost: $ 1715.00


Cemetery Information

Brampton Memorial Gardens

Address: 10061 Chinguacousy Rd, Brampton, Ontario

Contact: Tel: 905 840 3400